Professional Translation, Localization
and AI Data Annotation

Innovation & Performance

Professional Translation and Localization and AI Data Annotation
for High-Profile or Critical Projects

“Multidisciplinary, matured and professional Service Provider who is remodeling your data for an international audience”

Artificial Intelligence

Categorization and labeling of multilingual records

Linguistic Solutions

Corporate and industrial translation

Software & Data

Localization of structured datasets and websites

Integrated Services

Data Technology

Data Security

Language and Data Technology Management

Professional Language and Data Technology Management Service That Provides Transparent and Effective Solutions for an Ordinary and High-Profile Projects

REEID is a Professional Translation, Localization and Big Data processing specialist

We are working within a wide spectrum of industries, dealing with both state and commercial enterprises. We are well-known for the “essential missions”, where the velocity and the quality don’t interrupt each another. Orchestrating a network of thousands of professionals around the world gives us a strength to endure with all magnitudes of business commitments. Seasoned teams of IT specialists, linguists, engineers, graphic designers and project managers give us the genuine power and certainty in generating the second-to-none satisfaction for our stakeholders.

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REEID GCE is a global service provider focused on adding comprehensive multilingual and programmatic solutions to Customer’s business operations.
Professional Translation, Localization and AI Data Management is our core business.

We are backing up day-to-day business activities by localizing content / text strings and translating correspondence. All with complementary services required for successful projects completion.

Processing data in Engineering, Technology, IT, Live Science, Business, and Legal industries, requires a professional approach, expertise, sharp mind, and technical skills. All of those we have aggregated here in REEID.

We have the unrivaled agility with extraordinary supportive skills to achieve results on a global scale.
With the vast experience and multidisciplinary expertise, we will contribute to your further growth, supporting day-to-day, high consequence, and critical business operation.

REEID GCE working with top international corporations, being recognized as a leading localization contractor.

Structured control and responsibilities assignment allowing our management teams for effective execution of all procedures. Custom designed RICMS (Reeid Integrated Computer Management System) enriching our operations, allowing to run large scale assignments and supervise hundreds of working crowd in the real-time.

REEID GCE Working with the largest international corporations. Performance and professional approach confirmed.
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Human Resources and Technology Inside

REEID GCE managers and personnel have an excellent education, certification and vast experience across all industry verticals. From forensic and armed forces through oil/gas, power generation to railways projects, from space science to juridical and medical industry. From top to bottom, our people are accustomed with procedures, safety, and corporate culture, what at the end of a day, is converted to quality and performance. Internal processes are backed up with customized IT solutions, where multi-user and multilingual functionality allowing us to keep up with all necessary stakeholders serving and wisely controlling business flow. By the way, we have dedicated IT department with amazing people, who can cope with any relevant issues, so we are all covered.


We are taking extraordinary care of your data and own resources. We understand that some of your documents and information shall be kept out of sight of unprivileged individuals, and/or robots. Following are the safety controls and methodology deployed across our business units:

  1. We don’t use cloud based storage services (Google, Dropbox etc.) for sensitive data
  2. We don’t use outsourced SMT (Statistical Machine Translation Engines) unless specified otherwise by Customer
  3. We don’t Build, Train, and Deploy Machine Learning systems and process datasets with use of cloud based third parties engines unless specified otherwise by Customer
  4. We are using only secured transmission protocols for external communication
  5. Strong files encryption within local storages and Distributed DMS
  6. Robust access privileges to our online platforms (profiles, roles, sharing rules)
  7. Access control on databases records level
  8. MFA authentication for all access to sensitive data
  9. Data destruction and disposal procedure in place
  10. Intrusion prevention system
  11. Multilayer data loss prevention (DLP) systems and procedures in place
  12. Data anonymization procedures (important while outsourcing projects)
  13. Regular Security & Confidentiality Audits
  14. Data Centers in Europe and Asia (depending on data security requirements, certain DC is selected)
  15. Full GDPR compliance
  16. Data protection compliance in line with regulations of the countries out of Euro-zone
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