Software and Products

Proprietary Software, Websites, Mobile Applications,
Engineering Documentation, E-commerce, Gaming Industry

What is Software or Product

Software and/or products localization adapting subject to the society and language of an end user (customer). It comprises various bits from text segments in e-commerce, gaming industry to electronic devices and marketing or engineering documentation

Localization doesn’t cover modifying the language only. Localizing extends further than that. It also concerns adjustments to the size of UI items and position, as well as other design elements. It might also involve altering of code. Essential in localization is text strings length. The same sentence in English may (and commonly will) have different length than in Japanese for instance. It is necessary to remember that in many situations there will be database fields limitation, thus localizing text strings needs to be carefully thought through.

REEID GCE takes care of the programming base if required. Our software engineers can get hands on your code, implementing necessary revisions, so it suit localization scenario.
We provide a full scope of software localization services, including:

  • Software engineering
  • Translation
  • Functional testing
  • Bugs fixing

Our IT engineering department providing relevant API to connect your system to our platform for efficient, agile localization. This could be used in the scenario when you developing or changing content, so that translation can be delivered dynamically. This process may require also integration of development environment with relevant code repositories (such as GitHub) connected to our platforms

Why should you localize?

Expanding into a new markets is essential for your business advance since it benefits you to gain new customers and audiences, but how to do it? 
Many international businesses have expanded into new markets/countries through their product / software localization. 

Please note that: 70% of customers will not buy product/software that does not have a local version and 80% of customers will not buy product/software without support in local language. If you localize your app set in the iTunes Store or Google Play, you may expect more than 750% increase in downloads!
Above figures speak for themselves.

REEID GCE localizing the full spectrum of information across the production lifecycle, including handling instructions, labels, and OEM manuals. In order to exclude software glitches and boost readability, REEID GCE supports corporations to localize their software and graphical user interface (GUI) through specialized linguistic and functional testing. From thermodynamics to computer aided manufacturing (CAM), and from component testing to machinery manufacturing, REEID GCE aids mechanical engineering industries to meet expanding market demands and drive the production in new foreign markets.  


We prioritize the security of your data and our resources with exceptional diligence. Recognizing the need to protect certain documents and information from unprivileged individuals and automated systems, we have implemented rigorous safety controls and methodologies across our business units:

  1. We don’t use cloud based storage services (Google, Dropbox etc.) for sensitive data ( unless specified otherwise by Customer)
  2. We don’t use outsourced SMT (Statistical Machine Translation Engines) unless specified otherwise by Customer
  3. We don’t Build, Train, and Deploy Machine Learning systems and process datasets with use of cloud based third parties engines unless specified otherwise by Customer
  4. We are using only secured transmission protocols for external communication
  5. Strong files encryption within local storages and Distributed DMS
  6. Robust access privileges to our online platforms (profiles, roles, sharing rules)
  7. Access control on databases records level
  8. MFA authentication for all access to sensitive data
  9. Data destruction and disposal procedure in place
  10. Intrusion prevention system
  11. Multilayer data loss prevention (DLP) systems and procedures in place
  12. Data anonymization procedures (important while outsourcing projects)
  13. Regular Security & Confidentiality Audits
  14. Data Centers in Europe and Asia (depending on data security requirements, certain DC is selected)
  15. Full GDPR compliance
  16. Data protection compliance in line with regulations of the countries out of Euro-zone
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