Integrated Services Under Our Hood

Translation, Localization and in general data engineering, require various specialized approach, as to create environment and / or framework allowing for smooth and safe data processing. It also needs consideration of Customer requirements, which in many cases may go beyond standard approach or skills.

There are various fields which may need attention in the project preparation phase and / or completion. The most common is basic publishing of target content as to match it with given source. Tables, embedded text in bitmaps, lines brakes, dates or currency formatting.
It may seems to be not extensive tasks but not always. As an example. REEID were running large project where one text processor file contained approx. 1500 pages. There were dozens of such files. Task was to embed additional columns with own header row, in the way so it will not change overall layout. Difficult part was to embed mentioned columns in the between of other, so basic paste at the end of table was not possible.

This required an extensive programmatic workload as to allow custom macro based on VBA. Bearing in mind thousands of pages, this subtask without relevant skills will not meet deadline in any reasonable time scale.

Some of projects require other programming skills. From SQL to all most common server and client side programming language.
More complex projects require connections between our IT system and Customer platform. Such a spin use API deployment, and we are always ready for a such, as to automate all necessary tasks requested by Client

Being accustomed with various platforms (graphic design, TM management, AI related applications and other less or more complex IT solutions) giving us real flexibility in entering even most complex jobs often critical to customers business operations.


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