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Professional Localization and Translation Service Dedicated for Ordinary, High-Profile and Critical Projects

Navigating global markets and interacting with international clientele demands a translation partner that provides not only accurate and refined content but also adapts and grows in tandem with your business needs and industry specifics. The synergy of collective experience, cooperative company ethos, extensive knowledge, and cross-disciplinary prowess ensures judicious project management and its eventual triumphant fulfillment. Our team of programming experts has crafted a customized, robust platform that streamlines workflow distribution among our offices and offers clients unique access to monitor their projects. For substantial projects, we provide an API to seamlessly integrate your systems with our Translation Management Platform.

Our specialized services span a variety of key industries, which include, but are not restricted to:

Computer Science / IT – Software Localization

Our Computer Science and IT software localization services are crafted to adapt software products and applications to the linguistic, cultural, and technical requirements of users worldwide. We specialize in translating user interfaces, documentation, help files, and marketing materials, ensuring that software speaks to its users in their language. Our team, comprising linguists with deep technical expertise and programmers knowledgeable in localization processes, works seamlessly to maintain the functionality and user experience of software across different languages and cultures. By enhancing software accessibility and usability, we empower businesses to achieve global reach and user satisfaction in the competitive tech landscape.

Financial Translation

Localization services for financial reports, audit documents, insurance paperwork, tender documents, accounting records, and stock exchange information. Across multiple countries, we are engaged with publicly listed organizations, earning recognition as a reliable partner.

Oil and gas localization and translation

For over a decade, we have been deeply involved in the oil, gas, and mining sectors, refining our engineering knowledge and skills to unparalleled quality. Our scope of work includes a vast array of documentation, encompassing bids, contracts, legal matters, and a comprehensive suite of complex engineering documents. This also covers safety documentation, drawings, and detailed descriptions of production processes, ensuring a holistic approach to our service offerings.

Power Generation – Traditional and alternative

Having spent years immersed in the power generation industry, our team has accumulated extensive experience and knowledge. We’ve successfully translated and localized millions of words and navigated thousands of complex drawings specific to engineering in this field. Our expertise not only covers traditional and renewable energy sectors but extends to the nuclear power domain as well. You can trust that your engineering content, regardless of complexity, will be expertly handled by our seasoned specialists.

Gaming Industry

We play a pivotal role in elevating your gaming assets to a global stage, expanding your gamer base and enhancing brand recognition. Our team of game localization experts is distributed worldwide, dedicated to translating, testing, and indulging in their passion for games. Through their work, they not only ensure your games resonate with a global audience but also contribute to the vibrant tapestry of the global gaming community.

Automotive Industry translation and localization

Our expertise extends to localizing software for end-users and services, manufacturing processes, and marketing materials, specifically tailored for the automotive industry. Prominent brands such as Honda, Nissan, Suzuki, Subaru, and a vast array of OEM devices produced by automotive supplier networks have all benefited from our specialized automotive localization and translation services. These stakeholders have consistently found our services to exceed expectations, cementing our reputation as a trusted partner in automotive localization.

Legal translation

In the realm of legal translation, we offer comprehensive services covering a wide array of documents including employment agreements, purchase contracts, loan agreements, consulting contracts, partnership agreements, court judgments, and corporate bylaws. Our expertise caters to the needs of small, mid-sized, and international legal firms, providing them with the precision and reliability required for legal documentation. Our longstanding collaboration with these entities underscores our commitment to excellence in legal translation.

Pharmaceutical and medical industry translation and localization

Our translation and localization services for the pharmaceutical and medical industries are designed to bridge language barriers, ensuring that critical health information, drug documentation, and medical device manuals are accurately conveyed to global audiences. We specialize in adapting a wide range of content, including clinical trial documents, regulatory submissions, patient records, and marketing materials for pharmaceutical products and medical equipment. Our team of expert linguists with specialized knowledge in healthcare and medicine work meticulously to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information, facilitating clearer communication and contributing to global health and wellness.


We prioritize the security of your data and our resources with exceptional diligence. Recognizing the need to protect certain documents and information from unprivileged individuals and automated systems, we have implemented rigorous safety controls and methodologies across our business units:

  1. We don’t use cloud based storage services (Google, Dropbox etc.) for sensitive data ( unless specified otherwise by Customer)
  2. We don’t use outsourced SMT (Statistical Machine Translation Engines) unless specified otherwise by Customer
  3. We don’t Build, Train, and Deploy Machine Learning systems and process datasets with use of cloud based third parties engines unless specified otherwise by Customer
  4. We are using only secured transmission protocols for external communication
  5. Strong files encryption within local storages and Distributed DMS
  6. Robust access privileges to our online platforms (profiles, roles, sharing rules)
  7. Access control on databases records level
  8. MFA authentication for all access to sensitive data
  9. Data destruction and disposal procedure in place
  10. Intrusion prevention system
  11. Multilayer data loss prevention (DLP) systems and procedures in place
  12. Data anonymization procedures (important while outsourcing projects)
  13. Regular Security & Confidentiality Audits
  14. Data Centers in Europe and Asia (depending on data security requirements, certain DC is selected)
  15. Full GDPR compliance
  16. Data protection compliance in line with regulations of the countries out of Euro-zone
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